Friday, October 5, 2012

Swim Lesson

All pumped up and ready to go for his first swim lesson!

Meeting one of the teachers...and very apprehensive

Then, it happens...he got overwhelmed...too many new people all at one time...too many babies crying (this was a toddler/baby swim lesson day)

We ended lesson early, but the professor wants him to come back again.  Michael is by far, my shyest kid. So we took this picture and are going through each of the teacher's names for the next time.  Yes, there will be a next time (actually 7 more times) with this group of teachers.  Michael's a slow warmer, but I have a feeling he's going to love swim lessons by the time it's over.  I'm sure it will help when he sees Tera and Daniel in the water next time.  He says he wants Tera to be his teacher.  He loves that big sister!  I'm excited to see him grow during this experience. 


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