Thursday, April 18, 2013

Livin' in the Moment

Some friends invited us out to the park for a play date and asked us to bring along our fishing poles.  After a handle fell off one pole, another one breaking a line...we called it a day and headed to the playground. 

I've been keeping our Razor scooters in the trunk of the car for any opportunity that might come up.  Instead of trying to entertain the boys while Tera has piano lesson, we seized the moment and rode up and down their driveway.  Great exercise in the cool of the day!  I'm thinking this will be great this summer!  

Strawberry blossoms and new paver stones put in by my husband out our front door...I think he did an awesome job!

It's been a busy week...lots of things going through my mind...I'm sure I'll share those thoughts in some form very soon.  For now, I'm trying to live in the moment and not feel overwhelmed....knowing that God's peace is right there just when I need it!!!


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