Saturday, April 27, 2013

We made it...pretty much!

Daniel had 4 days of TCAP testing at our local elementary school this week.  So, every morning we headed out and I sat in the office while he tested.  The first day he came out and said, "I think I need to go home and take a nap."  I felt the same way.  By Thursday, you are so tired--not physically tired, really, but a different kind of tired.  

Tera and Michael were home all week.  I found it quite ironic that my two that are energized around people were stuck at home all week.  While the one that needs alone time to function was surrounded by people everyday.  Tera did her schoolwork, helped Michael with activities and cooked our lunch 3 of the 4 days.  I'm not talking sandwiches, either.  She made homemade foccacia bread with a veggie tray, a baked spaghetti casserole and quesadillas.  

 Michael's guitar Tera helped him make.

By Wednesday afternoon, she was almost falling asleep on the couch while JP and I practiced our music.  She came in the kitchen saying:

"I never thought I would be tired of cooking, but I am this week. How do you do it, Mom?"  


"What did you do before you had the practice?"

       "I was tired, just like you are!"

We took the day off from school on Friday, because we had some serious errands to run.  Daniel was invited to go with the 5th grade class to get ice cream at our local ice cream shop-a short walk from our house.  Since, they passed our house on the way, we just watched for them and joined the group.  They were so happy Daniel had come.  We didn't do that for Tera last year, but I just felt (for some reason) that Daniel should participate.  He kinda sat alone for a while just eating his ice cream until some sweet, low- intensity kid came and started talking to him.  He warmed up fairly quickly.
 Daniel practicing his flute

As a homeschooler, I've read articles about rude questioning or comments people have received about their choice.  Frankly, I kinda expect it to happen, but it really hasn't.  The teachers, students and principal were so nice to us.  No questioning, no comments...just nice, accepting people.  I love my town!

Today, we are cooking for a local community service fundraiser...beans, cornbread, desserts. JP and I are performing as a warm up group for the main musical group.  Tera and I are selling friendship bracelets and window stars.  It's a busy day to end a busy week.  

Last night, my body revolted in a manner of speaking.  I got in bed late, woke up a couple of hours later with aches and pains in my hands/feet--aches that kept me from sleeping.  I got up took some medicine and didn't fall back asleep until almost 4 AM.  All the stress, weird eating, crazy routine, not as much exercise or water...finally caught up with me.   I'm definitely taking a day of rest tomorrow.  Fortunately, this upcoming week is a pretty normal one....and the last week of school for us!!!!  I'm really glad!

One little girl at the school asked me, "Do you like sitting here everyday while your son tests?"  I said, "Do you like sitting here waiting on your testing to start?"  She shook her head, no!  Then, I explained that sometimes "you just do what you have to's not a matter of liking it or not!"  

So, we made it, took care of our responsibilities (Well, most of them--my laundry is not done and the house is not as tidy as usual) and kept a smile most of the time.  :)

 Michael copying a cartoon drawing of Daniel's...complete with dialogue he figured out and wrote all by himself.  (Oh)


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