Sunday, July 21, 2013

Berry Recipes

I've been experimenting with several berry recipes this week.

Fresh Blueberry Sweet Basil Salad Dressing 

Isn't that just a beautiful color?  

I found an easy blueberry jam recipe that required no pectin and comparably a small amount of sugar.  ONLY 2 ingredients!  My kind of recipe.   This was a small batch recipe, so it was great to try it out.  It did require bringing the blueberries and sugar to a boil and stirring constantly for 30 minutes.  Fortunately, I had a very interesting novel I was in the middle of reading. 

Give it as a gift or eat it yourself!  It's great!

Spreads beautiful on toast or crackers!

I just used store bought crust and didn't really roll it out thin enough, but everyone loved them anyway. 

I found blackberries on sale and decided to make a blackberry cobbler.  I still had a store bought pie crust, so I used that instead of making the homemade pastry called for in the recipe.   Just like I remember my grandma making...seeds and all. 


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