Wednesday, July 17, 2013


We had church at the park last Sunday.  The kids had a fun time after watching ducks, and setting driftwood afloat.  This park sits on the water, so there is always a nice breeze.  

On the way home, the car just died.  JP thought something was really wrong until we realized that we were just out of gas.  That has never happened to either of us...ever.  We just weren't paying attention and were used to a gas light coming on in the van.  It was pretty cool in a not-so-cool kinda way, if you know what I mean.  None of us lost our tempers or complained about our circumstances.  We just called AAA, thanked the Lord for cloud cover, a breeze and for Grandma buying us a AAA membership every year.  We played games and laughed while we were waiting. 

We certainly didn't look like Michael's "mean monster". 

JP has been off this week and we've been working hard around the house.  The kids and I (well, some of the kids) have been getting up and working outside every morning.  We've worked on the strawberry garden and processed basil.  JP is working on replacing parts of our fence.  We even went blueberry picking with some friends.  It's been a great week so far!  

This picture is somewhat deceiving since JP has done very little of this at all this week.  He's out digging holes for our updated fence right now.  Work some and play some....


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