Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's Going On?

The kids are continually learning new crafts. Daniel got a knitting book and is working on little projects. Tera is combining her quilling with wreath making for our local community organization to sell to raise money for Christmas toys and food baskets.

 We've been swimming twice....

My kids' teachers are awesome!  They've got Michael working on jumping into the pool without inhaling a bunch of water.  They are working on Daniel's arm stroke to make him a faster swimmer.  Tera is learning how to tread water, which is exactly what her dad wanted her to learn (We didn't even mention this to her teacher...awesome!)

Tera and I had a girls' day out on Saturday.  We went to get her ears pierced, a friends' soccer game, Target and then our friends came over with a birthday surprise for Tera.  Tera has already said that this birthday was her best ever.  It even beat her 10th birthday.  I'm not sure what her criteria is, but I guess I better find out. 

 Daniel is the only child who would wear slipper socks upside down for 2 reasons:
1.  His penguins need to be seen.
2.  He can't slide around the floor if they are on the bottom.

We've been working on history projects for an event I'm organizing.  Last week, we spent the week doing math and projects.  Tera completed hers on her own.  Daniel is still working on his and I'm helping Michael this week to finish up.   Can you guess what Michael's history project is about?

JP has been working like crazy and we are making it physically and emotionally.  It's really hard sometimes.   The kids and I had bible study on Sunday while he slept.  It was a wonderful time as we went through a couple of Christ's I AM statements.  We sang songs, did a creative worship art project and had yummy rolls as we read about Christ being the Bread of Life.  I was brought to tears by a modern day analogy of Christ we read, called The Ragman.  You can read a version of it here.  Although, we didn't have our regular bible study and daddy was resting, it was a powerful worship experience. 

I love it when I find a new musical artist to enjoy.  I'm loving listening to Karla Adolphe right now! Officially, she's not really new to me, but as a solo artist she is. 

What's going on in your part of the world?


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