Friday, October 11, 2013


This afternoon the kids went looking for a 2 liter bottle for Daniel's history project.  I knew we had one under the cabinet that was full of diet soda (I bought diet because no one in this house would ever drink it-makes it easier to pour down the drain.)  with some mentos.  The kids have wanted to shoot off one of those mentos coke things for a long time.  The timing is always wrong when they ask.  I'm very allergic to bees and really didn't want them to shoot it off right now because of the yellow jacket appeal.  When I sent them looking, I remembered that the mentos were under there and I knew they would ask.  I knew I would have to say, "no".  

I was prepared.

Sure enough, they came out with them in their hands.  I was just about to say, "not today."  Then, they said, "Could we split these as our treat with movie night tonight?"  Whew!  "Why yes, you can!!!"  Now, are mentos the best thing for my kids to have?   Definitely not! 

But sometimes it's more important to just say "yes".....

What little thing can you say "yes" about and totally make your kids' day? 

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