Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crab Rangoons, Egg Rolls, and other Yummy Stuff

JP and I love Chinese food, but we have to agree these two recipes are so much better than any take out we've had.  It can definitely seem overwhelming to think of making your own take out.  But these next recipes, really are easy!  Not as easy as ordering take out, but definitely better tasting and more economical. 

Tip:  Won Ton wrappers are found in the produce section near the tofu.  
I always just mix up the crab mixture by hand instead of using a food processor. I also substitute with green onions instead of a regular onion.  

Sealing them is super beginner friendly.  Just get your fingertips a bit wet and trace the edges with water.  Pinch together...that's it!

Yummy goodness!

These are awesome egg rolls.  I added green onions and pork to the above recipes.  I was so pleased at how these looked just like egg rolls.

All three of our children loved the egg rolls and crab rangoons.  We had salad and fruit to round out all this fried goodness.  

Another recipe that has been getting some mileage around here are these 
I never just cook exactly by the recipe, except the first time.  We added cinnamon, raisins and some chocolate chips to ours.  My kids have had these for breakfast at least twice recently.  We serve it with some peanut butter or yogurt. 

It's been very snowy and overcast here today.  Two of the kids have a coughing allergy thing or a cold.  We had to cancel our lessons and the Valentine's party we were supposed to have.  So, I've had plenty of time at home today.  I made cookies and homemade frosting.  Sugar rush...sugar crash, here I come.

Try this new recipe we had for lunch... Un-stuffed Cabbage Roll Skillet.  It was very yummy and got everyone's approval.  Served with cornbread, it fits the bill for the ultimate comfort food.  

I'm definitely in the winter cooking/baking mode.  I need to finally try that no-knead bread in my dutch oven.

Do you have any recipes you've been wanting to try?


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