Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day--It's Official

We all took guesses yesterday about how much snow we'd get.  I said an outrageous 7 inches and I wasn't too far off the mark.  Maybe I missed my calling as a meteorologist.  Probably not.  

Officially, this is the most snow Michael has ever seen in his short, little life.  Tera and Daniel have seen some 2-footers from their days in Southern Illinois, but are still impressed with any amount of snow.  

Anyway, the two older kids have some kind of cold.  Daniel was coughing half the night.  We went out anyway, just didn't stay out too long.  When Daniel got tired, he actually asked to go in.  Everyone else soon followed.  

We still managed to have some fun!  

 My little snow angels...

The kids realized that this snow was better for snowmen than sledding.  They tried to pack some down, but got wore out in the process.

We've all had our hot chocolate and tea.  They are watching Mr. Bean's Holiday and I'm getting ready to start a hearty soup for a late lunch.  I'm not sure I've ever called a snow day in all our years of home schooling, but today, it's official.  We're having a SNOW DAY!!!!


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