Tuesday, August 26, 2014

For me

Last week was crazy.  I spent the entire weekend recuperating.  JP had to work on Saturday, so Sunday we did nothing.  I was on the verge of sickness and actually took a nap Sunday afternoon.  I've been staying up way too late and the stress of the changes with JP's shift have been taking their toll.  I am fighting hoarseness today after raking some grass yesterday that hopefully won't turn into anything else.

Sometimes, I can get so overwhelmed with so many things that I forget to do things for me.  I make sure the kids get the schoolwork done, that they show up for lessons and activities, that they are clean and fed and their spiritual lives are encouraged.  So much so that I'm too tired to think for doing things that are just for me. 

I have a tendency to make excuses like:

Oh, the kids will suffer.
I'll be keeping them out too late.
We just can't add anything else to the schedule.
Maybe in the future, when they are bit older.

You know...copping out type excuses.

Here's what I'm learning:

I'm a part of one cool family!
I've got the most supportive husband in the world!
My cheering section is pretty darn awesome!

Doing something for me IS doing something for them!

I've put off doing swim lessons for years.  Everything just fell into place this year.  It's been so awesome!  My kids never complain that I have to go to swim lessons.  They are cheering me from the sidelines with the biggest smiles you've ever seen!  My husband pushes me out the door and is so proud.  

Now, I have the opportunity to sing in a community choir at the local college.  I almost talked myself out of doing it this semester.  It's so late, JP's shift is still crazy, it will take too much out of the kids... What I really am doing is copping out, because it's been a while.  I'm nervous and wondering if I can still do it.  What if I mess up?  

Then, I saw on the facebook page..."Bring your Messiah score if you have one!"  That settled it for me, I'm doing it!!!  You know what my family said (Even the one who's going to have to sit through the rehearsals with me after her choir)?  "Go for it, Mom! You'll be awesome!  You should do it!  I'll take personal time at work..."  How about that for a cheering section?  I get tears in my eyes just thinking about how blessed I am to have these people.  

Moms, don't use your kids as an excuse for not doing the things you enjoy.  Those things that make you a better person for them.  Don't neglect your devotion time, your hobbies, taking care of yourself.  Taking care of yourself is showing them how to take care of themselves.  Don't wait until they are all grown up to start!  

Doing something for you IS doing something for them!


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