Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Have you ever been there?

If I have to make another homemade dinner from scratch...

If I hear, "Honey, I'm working on Saturday again..."

If there is one more sibling circular argument....

All the day in--day out things:

Load the dishwasher---unload the dishwasher

Another load of laundry piled up waiting to be washed, dried and put away

Another week of assignments to plan for

Another week of activities, deadlines and responsibilities

Sound familiar?

This week, I think I caught the "burn-out bug".  I'm tired, but I still press on.  I unload those dishes, I make those dinners, I sigh quietly when my husband says he's working another weekend, we do the activities and the school work.  I caught a glimpse of my November calendar and it's just a bit scary.  

Rehearsals, lessons, volunteering, holidays...

I press on, because I know December is coming and we have a whole month off of school. (Happy Dance)   I will be guarding our time like crazy!  We need some time away from the endless, frantic pace.  I am so ready.  

1 can make it....1 on....1 can do it!  


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