Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Rejuvenation

With fall comes lots of activity! 

The boys are taking swim lessons on Mondays. Michael has shown so much improvement.  He can float all by himself now and is putting his face in the water! 

This morning, we had friends over for art.  We have really been lacking in the art department lately.

Tree Four Seasons 
I love the look of this project!   (The top picture belongs to Daniel and the bottom one is Tera's)

 Michael had his own projects to do:  

Candy Corn Mosaic

 Kandinksy Fall Tree

and Q-tip Fall Watercolor

In the afternoon, we met with a couple of friends for a writer's group.  It's so fun to brainstorm with these kids and to see their creative writing.  Today, we wrote weather poetry.

Earthquake by Tera

Earthquake creeping up as a rumbling stomp.
Destroys, Desolates, Downsizes
Stampeding like a bee-stung buffalo
A crushing blow from beneath the surface.
Tears away from the destruction like a furious dragon.

Earthquake by Daniel

Earthquake smashing horn
slams into the city
A swinging sword cutting the earth,
splitting from the middle of the earth.
Retreats from chaos
Slinks away like rats from sinking ships.

I love our routine.  And boy, am I tired at the end of a week like this.  But....being surrounded by all this creativity is rejuvenating!  More fun and rejuvenation awaits us tomorrow! 


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