Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve 2014

I finally found my new headboard!  It was delivered yesterday and I love it!  We bought a matching dresser, but it had to be ordered.  JP finished the wall in our bedroom a while back.  I'll post before and after pictures when we're done decorating.  It was an exciting day! 

We've been celebrating at home with our little family the past few years.  Usually we have some kind of cheese dip with chips and/or crackers.  Tons of junk food basically.  This year, my husband requested we do something a little different. 

So, we splurged on toppings for homemade pizza and had fruit and veggie trays with dips.  So much improved over previous years.  And so pretty, they begged to have their pictures taken.  

 Our brood!

Everyone got at least one game for Christmas.  We played games for over 4 hours---Codebreaker, Catchphrase, I Spy Eagle Eye, LCR (Left Center Right), I Say, Holmes, and Scotland Yard.  The last two were my Christmas presents.  Tera and Daniel took the instructions, figured them out and then taught the rest of us to play.  Having teenagers is not too bad.  

Our littlest guy wasn't that interested in the games, he just kinda hung out, and snacked a little. Then, watched a short video before an earlier (later for him) bedtime.  The older kids and dad stayed up to watch a movie, while I went up a bit early (late for me).  

Happy New Year! 


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