Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some days

Some days you want to pull your hair out.
Some days your kids push you to the limits.
Some days you think, "Am I really teaching anybody anything?"  
Some days you feel like a big fat failure and nothing seems to go right.
Some days it's rainy on the outside and the inside....

Then, there are some days....

Some days the warmth of the sun pierces into your very soul.
Some days your kids do their schoolwork without complaint.  They do their music practice without being reminded.  They get along!  (Well, pretty much!)  They ask you to show them how to make their own breakfast for the next morning.  
Some days the math problems that were once impossible are now doable.  
Some days you've got dinner done and in the fridge right after lunchtime.
Some days you just feel good.


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