Sunday, May 31, 2015

Time flies...

Time has just been flying!  To be honest, I haven't felt like posting much since we returned from our trip.  It took more out of me than I really was/am willing to admit.  

Summer has begun with it's blur of activity.  A different rhythm, I find.  Summer reading programs keeping all the kids busy.  Swim lessons for me, play dates, cleaning/de-cluttering, gardening and JP working a lot.  

My baby graduated from kindergarten!  Class of 2027!  Now, that brings up a whole bunch of thinking that I wasn't prepared for.  The fact that when he is in 4th grade, Tera will be graduating high school.  Then, Daniel graduates the next year and Michael will be an only homeschool child for SEVEN years!  

Michael's request for summer activities have all involved water!

 Anytime we are blessed with a load of wood chips, we all get to work!

We've got VBS next week, a couple of chess tournaments coming up, more summer reading and a couple of movies.  Lots of fun to be had. 


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