Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: 1 week late

On our trip to Alabama, we celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday early.  We enjoyed hanging out with her and my Aunt Margie.  JP enjoyed hearing my grandmother's stories. 

 Lessons in eating honeysuckle...

The kids hung out at the hotel with JP, while I traveled to Montgomery with my mom, brother and a family friend.  They had a full day of movies, swimming and gorging on waffles with bacon.  Oh, and juice.  (My husband's words in a text to me.)  He knew I would be wondering if they had any fruit.  

That afternoon, we returned tired.  Mom took me to visit my dad's grave.  He passed away a little less than a year after my brother. 

Mom dropped me off at the hotel where I quickly changed.  We wanted to spend time with Fred, so we headed over to their house.  I surprised my mom with flowers and presents for an early Mother's Day.  She's a strong woman, brave and true.  She's taught me what the love of a mother is really like.  

We headed back the next day.  We had the best waitress I've ever met at the Cracker Barrel in Prattville, AL near the state line.   It's taken me until now to start to feel recovered from the emotions of our trip.  

Our last day of school was finished in the car!  WooHoo!  Summer vacation!

My family celebrated me on Saturday for Mother's Day.  Flowers, funny cards and 365 Things We Love About You!  (One of the best gifts ever--totally thought up and pulled off with no help from their dad!)  So far, I've enjoyed opening one "compliment" a day.  

--"You're self-motivated!" 
--"You don't mind our quirks."
--"Because you are smart."
--"That you are a Happy Helper. :)"


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