Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sliding into home...

Whew, we slide into home today. A little bruised, battered and plumb worn out from the past two weeks.

Almost two weeks ago, Michael came down with a flu-like virus (tired and low grade fever) that had him down and out for about a week.  As he was recovering, we went to his first baseball game.  He was still run-down a bit, so we only stayed through the seventh inning.  Apparently, we missed a whole lot of excitement in the last two innings, but we were glad to get home before midnight.  

Monday night found us at our local homeschool's high school graduation rehearsal (2.5 hours) because Daniel was accompanying a group of seniors on his penny whistle and all the music sound checks were at the very end. Michael survived with borrowed earbuds and a piece of gum I begged off another mom.  I had no idea we would be there that long, so I treated with ice cream on the way home.  

Then, three nights of VBS! 

Last night was the graduation.  One of the kids' best friends was graduating and we went out to dinner with his family afterwards.  We pulled into home around 11:30 PM.   And the kids were up before 9 AM.  Why do they do that?

Today was the day Tera finished Algebra 2!  Happy dance!  We have held off on our end of school celebration until she was done.  It was make-your-own ice cream sundaes for dinner night.  Partying with some cool music.  Laughing and defending our silly answers in Scattergories.  

This is what sliding into home looks like at the end of the day....


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