Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bible studies

This summer has been so different for me, yet quite the same for the kids.   I've been doing a lot of school planning for next year.  While I appreciate the spirit of articles that talk about "what you shouldn't do during the summer" like planning, that doesn't fly with my personality.  I'm also in leadership positions in two different volunteer organizations.  I wish I could say, "I'm not a leader", but I have to acknowledge that God has given me this ability.  I just have to be able to find balance between wanting to take care of every situation as soon as possible vs. giving myself time to take care of my other responsibilities.  The stress over the last two weeks has taken a toll on me.  Today, I'm taking a step back for me. 

Yesterday, our house was filled with Bible studies.  Tera and Daniel started/hosted/led a Bible study for a small group of their teen friends.   

As we were discussing this, Michael wanted a Bible study of his own.  While the teens were in the living room, I started a four week Bible study on the Armor of God.  (I'm sure I will construct a big post at the end with all my ideas.)  

Fun games, sword drills, Armor of God snacks were all apart of our study.  The last week I've promised a water balloon fight and make your own sundaes.  Michael is so excited! 

A couple of moms stayed and had their own quiet time in the dining room.  It was so wonderful to have our downstairs filled with people of all ages studying God's Word!  


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