Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8 weeks almost done...

We are coming up on completing EIGHT weeks of school.  I cannot believe it.  We will be taking a fall break soon and it is well-deserved and well-needed.  

I could look at all the things we didn't accomplish, but I will put aside my perfectionism and rejoice!  

Rejoice in:

fun cell projects
improvement in writing skills
perfect scores on biology tests
read alouds that I enjoy as much as Michael
trying new things
our French "le gouter" and weekly cultural activities
great, classic British literature
things that make us laugh and cry
Michael trying to take biology notes along with Tera and Daniel
healthy, active kids that enjoy exercise
finding balance
when the light bulb goes off and they finally, get it!

It's been a rewarding first eight weeks, only 28 more to go!  


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