Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sad bunch...

We had the kick-off event for our local homeschool group earlier this week.  Since I have taken over the communications coordinator (volunteer) position in our group, I had to give a "speech".  I was so worried I would do so horrible that people would wonder to themselves, "THIS is our communications person?"  It was a packed house and I am so glad I wrote out notes on the information I needed to cover.  I received lots of positive feedback on my talk and breathed a sigh of relief.  After the business meeting, the kids and I represented a couple of activities we are involved in outside.  Michael ran around with other kids and I thanked the Lord he didn't wander too far off. 

The next morning, Michael woke up sick from allergies.  He has battled with them all week long.  JP isn't feeling well (not connected to Michael) and is going to the doctor tomorrow.  Tera had an impromptu doctor's appointment on Friday to check on her wrist.  She was diagnosed with tendonitis and has to take 2 weeks off from fencing and other activities that irritate it.  Modified school work maybe a part of her recovery.  She is so sad about that!  Allergies or old age is effecting my eyesight--I'm having to move things back and forth to find the sweet spot if there is little print.  We are a sad bunch this week!  Daniel's only malady is his hair is too short from his much needed haircut. 

 Our new microscope came...

Since Michael and JP weren't feeling well, we cancelled our plans to have a few friends over at the last minute.  We had a nice "gouter" for French class.  

Tera's other cell project...

Daniel turned his cell model in, but then he took off with it before I could take a picture.  Daniel and I are working hard this year on his proofreading and editing skills.  He is a very creative writer, but needs some fine tuning.  We sit down with every writing assignment and walk through it one sentence at a time.  

Even though our plans with friends were cancelled, Tera and Daniel were invited to hang out on two separate occasions.  They welcomed getting out of the infirmary.  

I found out yesterday, a good friend that I went to school with from kindergarten to graduation, passed away.  He had been battling an incurable brain cancer and took a sudden turn for the worse.  He and I settled in the same part of the country and I had the privilege of visiting him in the hospital.  His passing has saddened me greatly.  I know he was a Christian and he is not suffering anymore, but it's still very sad.  No matter how old I get, it still doesn't feel right when someone "my age" passes away.  I've been thinking a lot about his family.  

My heart is heavy....


  1. Bless your hearts! And health and His great comfort come...I know what you mean about this a

  2. It never gets easier..just glad when I know they are saved. Love you and know I am praying for these health His stripes we are healed.



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