Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Staycation--Day 3

Day 3:  Gatlinburg Day

We headed out to Gatlinburg nice and early!

First stop:  Ripley's Aquarium

Quite a few things have been updated at the aquarium.  We were very excited to see the Pearl Harbor exhibit.   

The jellyfish are my favorites...


Stop #2:  Donut Friar

We needed nourishment fast, so donuts fit the bill!  These were some awesome donuts!

Stop #3:  Guinness World Records

Oh my, what a workout!  We competed to see who could get the most baskets, speed tag, hulu hooping, drumming, punching, throwing.  Our muscles were sore for days!  (Well, at least mine were!)  It was worth it!  You get a wrist band that can be scanned to keep track of all your progress on the games. 

Stop #4:  A late lunch at Golden Corrall

Home after a tiring, yet wonderful day! 


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