Saturday, November 26, 2016

30 Days of Thanks: Day 26

I am thankful for time alone with my husband today.  A slow waitress that forced me to slow down.  Free dessert.  A husband that knew what to order for me because he knows me so well.

I give thanks for clean water, for flush toilets, washing machines and clothes dryers.  For refrigeration.  

I am thankful for quiet peaceful days together.

I give thanks for well-behaved responsible children.  For their varied interests.  For their great friends.  I give thanks for soft beds and a comfortable, cozy home.

I am thankful for God's mercy.  That He is my comforter, the One I can turn to in times of trouble or ordinary moments.  He is my Prince of Peace and my Savior.  He is the One that changes lives.  

I am thankful! 


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