Sunday, January 15, 2017


Over the last few months, I have really been struck with this push to "slow down", "savor life", "be in the moment", "to be present".  When we visited my brother, we had such a wonderful time sitting around their fire pit talking and being together.  It was just the push we needed to come home and make my vision to have a fire pit area a reality.  We worked on repurposing materials we already had into a safe comfortable area.  After prepping the area, JP went out and bought our fire pit.  Then, our area went through a crazy drought and we had a burn ban---then super cold, rainy weather. 
Finally, tonight the weather was just right.  Mild temperatures, dry and no wind.  We christened our fire pit.  It was nice sitting around and talking together.  Sharing food and deep conversations.  We have decided to limit our media time on Sundays.  Today was the first day of that effort.  As a family, we had so many conversations and face-to-face interactions.  It was wonderful! 
It's what I've been feeling that push to do---to slow down, to be together in a meaningful way. 

Shepherd's pie with flatbread eaten around the "campfire"...





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