Sunday, January 22, 2017

On the bright side....

It was a long week, but we have arrived at Sunday---our day of rest, our day to reconnect with each other and with God.  We've struggled with setting Sunday aside as a different kind of day-a Sabbath, but we are making a new effort to do so.  You know what?  It's nice.  It's needed. 

Michael moved up to the beginner class in karate on Thursday.   He's low-man-on-the-totem-pole again.   At the end of the line again having to work his way up.  The class is harder, but it pushed/will push him to try harder.  We could tell the difference in effort during the first class!

Our week ended full of friend time.  Michael and I met our friend Lauren for lunch before she moves away for a while.  She is such a great young lady and it has been wonderful to get to know her.  Lauren was Michael's first VBS teacher when he was four and he just became attached to Lauren.  Lots of people feel that way about Lauren!  She is that lovable! 

After lunch Michael and I headed over to his best buddy, Sam's house.  They have such fun together being rough and tumble boys.  We ended the day with a few teen friends coming over after fencing.  (It was a really long day for me on Friday!) 
Yesterday, JP and I went out to lunch for the first time in forever!  He's been working a lot and we just needed that reconnection time. 
Today we had brunch together and discussed a new family Bible study.  More reconnecting....
That's what we need the most this year: reconnecting with each other, with friends and with God.  Stripping away at the extras, the superficial things and focusing on what matters most. 
Even though the day is grey and the rain is headed our way, it cannot dull the bright side of life that I feel today in this moment with these people---right here! 


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