Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tartan Day

While JP was at work this afternoon, the kids and I went over to the Tartan Day event in town.  My grandfather was an Oglesby.  We can trace my ancestry back to when they came over to America from Scotland and fought in the Revolutionary War.  The interesting part is that our clan has a great history in Scotland and England!    It's very cool!  

There was music, a tartan parade, games and lots of sunshine.  Michael wasn't so sure about the sunshine. 

I was trying to get a group shot and told the kids to act like they liked each other.  The second picture is the result of that request. 

Daniel got a chance to talk to one of the pipes players.  He has been interested in the bag pipes off and on for a while.  We may need to sound proof his room if he adds that to his list of instruments. 


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