Friday, April 14, 2017

The longest week...

This had to have been the longest week...EVER!!!  I've been on antibiotics for an infected finger that has still not healed.  JP's new position has been challenging.  Schoolwork, being a mom to teenagers, and just trying to get everything done for the holiday weekend has been challenging.  

But, it's Friday and we made it!

The kids have been making French recipes as part of the cultural side of their French 1.   Tera made delicious French baquettes.  Daniel surprised us with a Banana Tarte Tatin.   I've been craving an orange dreamsicle poke cake.  If we are larger the next time you see us, you'll understand why! 

We actually made it to an orchestral concert earlier this week.  Tera loves the Handel pieces that were performed and the boys were very excited about the Hobbit selection.  We stopped by the library on our way and that proved to be an emotional experience for at least one of our children because of the recent death of their chess club leader.  It's been a sad and challenging couple of weeks for us as a family. 

Daniel received this eagle cane as a gift from a gentleman in his Tai Chi class.  It's a beautiful piece of art and I know Daniel was very appreciative of such a wonderful gift. 


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