Friday, April 6, 2018


The reality is--this has been a long, tough week.  I feel like I say that EVERY week, but...

Michael has been fighting off some kind of head cold/viral thing.  The cough sounds yucky.  He ran a high fever last Friday and then Sunday a low grade one.  The clinic tested him for the flu, but thankfully that came back negative.  The older kids had a crazy heavy week in school and we actually ended up skipping out on a couple of extracurricular things just to keep our sanity. 

On Monday night Tera was a presenter with our local home school honor society chapter during a forum on preparing for the future.  Tera's group researched non-traditional paths.  She has worked on this project for months!  All the work you see (including the handout you don't see); Tera created!   Not only were the visual components excellent, she was a natural when it came to the public speaking portion.  She and her partner gave the same 30 minute presentation--FOUR times during the evening.  I received multiple compliments from those in attendance (which I passed along to Tera) about her presentation and visuals.  We got home after 10 PM!  She has been worn out the rest of the week for good reason! 

Daniel is plugging along with his school work and rehearsals.  He signed up on his own for a Gales course on creative writing through our public library.  He's planning on catching up with that this weekend.    All his ensembles have performances this month, in addition to the ensemble Tera and I are members of.  It's our spring "music month"!   Lots of nights on the go. 

We just started reading "To Kill a Mockingbird".  Tera and Daniel both confessed that they were reading past the assigned reading because they enjoyed the story so much! It's rare to find a book that both enjoy equally.  Daniel said it was one he would re-read after he was done.  I confessed I've read it multiple times in my life as well! 

Michael spent A LOT of time reading this week.  Yesterday, he read FOUR of  "The Hardy Boys" (one regular one and the other three younger kids series)  books.   Boxcar Children are back in the read aloud queque per Michael's request.  We worked on editing a story he wrote.   A little bit of math, history and art...

but mostly reading...reading...reading!

How can I complain about that? 

I, FINALLY, got the laundry piled up on the guest room bed put away and the house is picked up.  I hear flute music floating downstairs and the sound of a Dutch Blitz game going on behind me that I must join...reality. 


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