Friday, April 27, 2018

The Wild Robot

Michael and I finished reading a new favorite book, The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.   Rozzum 7134 aka Roz is a "wild" adventure focusing on the parallels between the ways nature survives with how an artificial intelligent being would adapt and survive in the wild.    We fell in love with the character, "Roz" and cannot wait to read the sequel! 

Flip-a-robot book

STEM activities:

Design a robot--"Roz" 

Design a lodge for "Roz"  

Perler bead robot

Michael and I have also been doing some bird "watching".  Last week, we found a nest in between one of our gutters and meter boxes.  We held a camera up there and saw some baby blue robin eggs.  Today, we found something more:  

We'll continue our robot activities into next week....


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