Saturday, May 12, 2018

Summer Ticket Program

When Tera and Daniel were younger, I devised a plan to help fill up those long, hot summer hours. Now that Michael is older, I revised the program for this summer. 

Only one more week!!!!

Summer Ticket Program:

1 Ticket Activities: 

 o Learn 1 Scripture verse (see list)
 o Read book over 50 pages
 o Complete daily chores without complaint
 o Instrument Practice—15 minutes
 o Extra chores (see list)
 o Play game
 o Spelling practice
 o Exercise—30 minutes
 o Khan Academy coding—30 minutes 
 o Draw or art project—30 minutes
 o Typing practice—30 minutes 

2 Ticket Activities: 

o Timez Attack—30 minutes 
o Write a letter, email or make phone call
o Read 1 chapter of the Bible
o Lego blog entry with pictures and descriptions

The orange designates computer time which will equal less than one hour a day. 

Earned tickets can be redeemed for the prizes below:  


25 Tickets:
30 minutes extra lights out
$1 from Dollar Tree
Trip to park

50 Tickets:
Check out movie from the library
Bake a dessert with Mom
Candy treat of your choice
Extra movie night
Trip to kite park

100 Tickets:
Ice cream treat
Trip to Oak Ridge Children’s Museum
Boys’ Day Out
New Kindle book

Scripture memory list:

Verses List 
Psalm 23
The Beatitudes

Extra chore list:

Wipe down dining room chairs
Clean upstairs windows
Clean downstairs windows
Wipe down baseboards—living room
Wipe down baseboards—dining room
Wipe down baseboards—any room
Declutter one toy bin
Straighten game shelf
50 thing pick up
Straighten book shelf
Clean under bed
Clean closet
Put away videos
Dust upstairs—picture shelf, bookcases, game shelf
Dust downstairs living room—hope chest, book cases, top of surfaces
Wipe down window sills


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