Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Ten Things Tuesday--5/15

1. Michael has been drawing a lot lately.  One of my favorites...

2.  When your field trip is cancelled, but Mom already made a sack lunch...you have a picnic lunch while watching a video instead!

3.  JP and I kinda got the short end of the ice cream stick with these McD sundaes.  

4.  Michael updated my letter board with his favorite verse.

5.   This kid...

6.  There is just something awesome about  belting out a song at the top of your lungs driving down the road!

7.   I'm sitting here waiting for a phone call to pick up Daniel.  That will make 4 trips into town today.  Gym this morning with grocery shopping and pharmacy stop.  Home.  Meeting with a friend in a neighboring town for Tera.  Home.  Left with both boys to drop Daniel off for flute, turn in Michael's comic book superhero entry at the library and karate.  Home.  One more trip out....it's been a long day.  

8.  While waiting for Tera, Michael and I happened upon a small, quaint library that still has a card catalog and checkout cards in the back of the books.  I was overcome with nostalgia when I saw the rubber stamp sitting on the counter and the library organizing the checkout cards.  They have all the historical dramas that I love to watch.  Michael found many books to read while we waited.  I asked about getting a library card, but they do not issue cards to out-of-county patrons.  BUT I was welcomed to come back and hang out any time!  That is definitely something I will do with this little card catalog lovin' kid. 

9.  Almost done with school--one final exam and one Chemistry test.

10.  We are all feeling the burned-out-can't-wait-until-school-is-over feeling.  Three more days!!!! 


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