Saturday, December 29, 2018

Glimpses of Christmas 2018--Sibling presents

Every year, the kids spend quite a bit of time planning, picking, making or buying gifts for each other and their parents.  The gifts are always thoughtful and this year was no exception!

This was the first year Tera was able to purchase and order all her presents on her own.  For someone with such a giving heart, she  exemplified the saying..."it is more blessed to give than to receive!"  

Michael and I made quite a few trips around karate lessons to find gifts for everyone.  He did a great job picking out what everyone would like.  

Daniel surprised us by making most of his gifts this year.  Michael has worn this dragon scarf almost constantly since opening it!

JP and I weren't quite sure what we were opening with Daniel's comic warnings of explosions and poisonous animals. 


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