Saturday, December 22, 2018

Slow Days

The slower days finally arrived...the at-home days, the nothing-on-our-schedule days.

Last weekend's Advent lighting--the Third Sunday in Advent

Dessert hummus taste test while watching a "The Great Christmas Light Fight" episode.

All four of us agree--best to worst:  1.  Brownie Batter--did not taste like hummus at all 2. Pumpkin Pie--very pumpkin pie-y  3. Snickerdoodle--hummus with sugar and cinnamon; not so great

A few "snow" minute-to-win-it games

One of our very artistic friends is a talented woodcarver.  He has been giving Michael drawing tips for a while now and made this gift especially for his "good friend Michael"!

Our completed puzzle!  We were home long enough to complete this 1000 piece puzzle this week...a feat indeed! 

Slow days...


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