Friday, March 15, 2019

Not Spring Break

Everyone in our area is on spring break this week, but not us!    The sunshine lured us outside and to the gym quite a bit more.  I mowed for the first time of the season and a kid in the neighborhood stopped by to play with Michael. 

Michael had a more "relaxed" schedule in science and art as we continued learning about Kandinsky and clouds from last week's Fun Friday lessons.

Tera's been producing some major projects this week for the WW2 British history unit.   If this girl could find a career where she got to work on these kinds of projects every day, she would be one happy camper! 

The van had some maintenance repairs done at the beginning of the week.  We finally got Tera's graduation announcements picked up and her graduation gown steamed.  Her senior bio was submitted and she'll begin working on her scholarship application soon.  

3 karate classes and a little doggie therapy.

 The sun is shining in the window and I'm so thankful for this bit of springtime weather and warmer temperatures, even if we aren't on spring break. 


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