Saturday, March 2, 2019

White space

I was scheduled to serve on jury duty this last week, but it was cancelled.  That created a lot of white space in my week.  Good thing, because I had quite a bit of extra things to get done this week:

Getting together with friends
Graduation meeting (Picking up Tera's cap and gown really made graduation REAL!)
Uploading all the photos for Tera's graduation slideshow and yearbook
Graduation brochure bio
Registering Daniel for the ACT
Helping Daniel apply for his dual enrollment--college application and grant
Ordering graduation announcements, tickets for our upcoming anniversary day trip and JP's anniversary present
Shopping for a 50th wedding anniversary present for a celebration Daniel was invited to attend
Lego contest
School all week
Tera's work schedule
Planning for school:  WW2 Britain unit, assignment sheets, co-op lessons

Whew!  I definitely appreciated having extra time this week to get things done!  

Interviewing Granny for a project in personal finance

More birthday...


Finally, some sun!  

Michael is working on photography...


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