Thursday, September 5, 2019

My day...running on empty

JP's car is in the shop and has been now for going on 3 days.  They haven't even started working on it yet because they are backed up at mechanic's shop. 

Yesterday, my day went something like this:

Get up after 5 hours of sleep at 4:45 AM to drop Tera and JP off at work.
Come home and go back to bed.
Get up and shower.
Pick Tera up from work and drop her off at college.
Come home, have breakfast, chores and do school with Michael.
Take Daniel to his dual enrollment class.
Come home and finish school with Michael.
Wash the van.
Go to pick up Tera and Daniel from college.
Walk on the walking trail until Michael wipes out on his scooter (less than 5 mins.) and needs first aid on his skinned elbow.
Come home.
Prep dinner.
Pick JP up from work.
Take Daniel to band rehearsal.
Arrive home about 9:30 PM for the last time.

I was up before 7 AM to take JP to work and let's just say, we both weren't in the best of moods, but mostly me.  It's not looking hopeful we will even get his car back today and it's another late night/early morning combo for tomorrow.  Running on empty...


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