Sunday, January 10, 2021


 Michael and I have wanted to get into geocaching for a while, but because of various technological issues--we have not.  Then, I rediscovered--letterboxing.  

Letterboxing is geocaching but with written clues that lead you to the location.  A treasure hunt of sorts.  Inside the hidden letterbox, you should find a rubberstamp.  You stamp your log book with their stamp and if they have included a log book in the letterbox--stamp it with your own rubber stamp.  Michael and I found some really cool stamps for our joint letterbox account.  

You can find all the information and search for letterboxes in your local area at Atlas Quest.

Our first attempt was a bust.  We looked and looked and could not locate the letterbox.  So, we set out a different day with more than one clue in our hand to try again.  Two more unlocated boxes and over an hour walking downtown, but then we found the box that went with our last clue!  

He was so happy when we finally found it!  

We found another letterbox earlier this week!  Tomorrow, we go hunting again!  

Letterboxing is a great way to encourage older kids to get outdoors any time of the year.  It builds logic and directional skills as well as perseverance!  So glad we found a new hobby to share together!  


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