Thursday, January 28, 2021

Outside in January

One of my goals this year is the 1000 Hours Outdoors Challenge.  My personal goal is to get as many hours as possible towards that challenge.  I was surprised today to notice that I am only 5 hours short of 50 hours outdoors in the month of January!  I have been outdoors FORTY-FIVE hours since January 1st!  

I am not a cold weather person, but being a part of the 1000 Hours Outdoors Group has pushed me to dress for the weather and get outdoors anyway.  If it's raining or snowing, I usually wait for a break in the weather and go for it.  I always get around an hour walk outside and on the good days sit outside with my Bible or a book for another hour.  

Some days are pleasant and others are windy and cold and not so pleasant.  I take a selfie every day as a reminder that I am actually doing this no matter what!!!  And to have a record of this monumental accomplishment! 

Today was pretty cold, but I managed an hour walk.  Then, I asked Michael if he wanted to do his Clover Bowl practice and read alouds outside.  He had already been playing outside before and after his online karate lesson today.  He was willing, so I grabbed a blanket for my lap and it wasn't unbearable!

He brought out a snack and some hot chocolate.  



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