Monday, May 31, 2021

Crosses Across Madisonville: Letterboxing on Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, we did something different.  We letterboxed through Madisonville cemeteries.  I've been wanting to do this for a while and today seemed perfect.  A great day to spend time together while remembering those that sacrificed for our country and the Savior that sacrificed for our salvation!

We had 10 stops on our tour--there are many more on  I did the directions through Mapquest and they lined up our route automatically so that each stop was in a logical progression round trip.  About 2 hours of driving and 5 hours total with a bathroom/snack break at Ingle's!  

Guessing it was this tree or the dogs in one of the earlier cemeteries we visited that JP picked up the dog tick he found later.  Time for bug spray!  Now, everybody's skin is crawling.  

Tongs are essential for letterboxing.  Daniel thought they were extra cool.  

Leaving pennies on veteran's graves to show that we visited.


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