Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have a loose tooth- a wiggly jiggly loose tooth

My daughter finally after months and months of sporadic wiggling worked out her first baby tooth. She is just so cute (I guess you could say I was biased.)

We put the tooth in a small sheer drawstring pouch with a note to the tooth fairy that reads:

Dear Tooth Fairy-

Could I please have this tooth back? It is my first one and I would like a keepsake.



We have one of those My First Tooth glass encased keepsake things. Tera asked me as I was putting it under her pillow. "Mommy tell me the truth- Is there really a tooth fairy, or does Mommy and Daddy sneak in here after I fall asleep?" What could I say. I replied "That's classified information- 3-18-99." She said "OK, Lester". There is some background here. We listen to Adventures in Odyssey and there is an episode called No Way In, No Way Out that has a guy in it named Lester. Anytime he is asked a question, he doesn't want to answer or anytime he is scared- he shouts out 3-18-99 to avoid the situation. Tera got this joke and went to bed laughing hysterically.


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