Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ten Things About Me

1. I am the oldest child.

2. I cry everytime I see Little House on the Prairie.

3. My hobbies include making homemade soap-(the melt and pour kind) and I hope to learn how to make other kind in the future. I also like to scrapbook but do not get around to it very much. I started learning calligraphy but found I did not have the patience at this point in my life.

4. My family watches Andy Griffith on DVD every Sunday night after church while we eat pizza.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies without the chocolate chips are my favorite. (I'm not sure they should be called chocolate chip though, maybe Brown Sugar Cookies?)

6. My husband and I have been married 13 years and we both still love each other.

7. I hate dirty fingernails.

8. I love getting a good deal on something but refuse to haggle.

9. When I was a kid my nickname was Neemee. (don't ask me how my brothers turn Christy into that)

10. I am a Christian mom who wants to raise her children to love God and see His power at work in their lives on a daily basis.


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