Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ten Things About Me

1. I am the oldest child.

2. I cry everytime I see Little House on the Prairie.

3. My hobbies include making homemade soap-(the melt and pour kind) and I hope to learn how to make other kind in the future. I also like to scrapbook but do not get around to it very much. I started learning calligraphy but found I did not have the patience at this point in my life.

4. My family watches Andy Griffith on DVD every Sunday night after church while we eat pizza.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies without the chocolate chips are my favorite. (I'm not sure they should be called chocolate chip though, maybe Brown Sugar Cookies?)

6. My husband and I have been married 13 years and we both still love each other.

7. I hate dirty fingernails.

8. I love getting a good deal on something but refuse to haggle.

9. When I was a kid my nickname was Neemee. (don't ask me how my brothers turn Christy into that)

10. I am a Christian mom who wants to raise her children to love God and see His power at work in their lives on a daily basis.


  1. Hey Christy!

    I'm so used to visiting Emerging From Scratch, so now I will have to keep up with Electic Momma also! I love the name!

    I do not blog daily, though I am glad you will be checking my blog from time to time! Isn't it fun?

    It's funny you mention ants! I, also have been battling with those little boogers! I went to a local TSC store to by Malathon (spelling questionable). Anyhow, it is a fantastic insecticide. However, they only had the big jugs of it so I opted to wait til next Tuesday, when the next shipment comes in, which will include the small jug, I was told. I wasn't ready to spend $40.00 for a huge jug I do not need.

    Instead, I bought these other liquid filled traps! I was amazed at how fast those guys made their way to what they thought was a treat! Funny thing is I almost felt guilty when a few hours later. I saw sooo many dead ants.

    But, hey they need to stay outside. Right? Okay, now I really feel bad, because I actually put traps outside the front and back doors as well. Yes, I realize they live outdoors, but there were so many of them, they would literally crawl up my leg when I would be watering my flowers and plants! I couldn't even sit outside without them in my lap. So I offed the boogers.

    What can I say ... :(
    may they rest in peace. :)

    Well bye for now! God Bless!

    Love ya,


    p.s. I still love Little House On The Prairie too!

  2. Well, I can't say I have that many inside but I found them on the ceiling in Tera's room tonight so I am truly freakin' out. JP is at work so I called around to get some quotes on pest control. I just can't take it any more. A guy is coming out to give us an estimate on Friday. I am at the point I do not care how much it costs, as long as they are gone forever. Maybe I can say Rest in Peace soon too.

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Why don't you do a ten things list on yours.

  3. Hey Christy,

    OH! My husband's name is Mike. I should have added that! Isn't there a way to go back and edit after you publish a post? Hmmm...

    Well, I would love to fellowship together! And, this is a great way to do it since the miles between us are many.

    Today, I am busy as Michael is coming for a Mother's Day visit tomorrow. (Remember, I am a huge procrastinator)! Luke and I are driving to pick him up, with his father driving here late Sunday afternoon to take him back.

    One of these days, I KNOW Michael will be back home with me permanently. Praise God!!! Until, then it's very difficult, dealing with a lot of BS from his father, and stepmother. Hey, may I say BS? It just fit. HeHeHe ... sorry.

    Anyhow, I do often have a question that I'd like to present to you and J.P. So, next time I have one ... I will post it!

    Have you an JP looked into churches? How is JP's work schedule working out, and his job, overall?

    Well, I will close for now. Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day this Sunday! I will check back with you on Monday.

    Love you &
    God bless,

  4. Hope you have a good weekend with Michael. JP has been working through the temp agency. He had to take a plant skills test and passed that. Now he has an interview tomorrow at 1:30. This place has a 5 step hiring process, but we are hoping he gets on full time soon.
    We have attended the local Nazarene church for the past two Sundays. The kids really have enjoyed it and we have enjoyed fellowshipping with other believers.

    Well, have a great Mother's Day. Talk to you soon.



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