Monday, July 9, 2007

Cranky and tired

I wish this title only summarized my kids today, but I think I am more cranky and tired than they are. For the past two weeks my husband has worked 10 hours days during the week and on Saturdays an 8 hour shift. This week is suppose to be the same. I know I am not working those long hours but I am tired. I am trying to do some organizational things around the house just to make the time go faster but I am finding just getting through the day's normal routine enough. We have heard this schedule will last until the end of the month but next week he has the whole week off. He already has a list of things he wants to accomplish around the house as well as some time just to himself. Our church is having a weekend VBS and this will be the first time in the last 5 years we have not worked at it. We are actually seriously thinking about dropping our kids off and going out to dinner. This will be the first date we have had in about 2 years. Isn't that sad? The sadder part-I am already feeling guilty about "skipping out" on being a worker even though we just started attending this church. But don't worry we will have our date-my husband is very adament. I need him to speak reason into my madness.

Today I sent the kids on a treasure hunt for school supplies lying around their room. My daughter is like me- the little pack rat. She keeps everything and if I do not go in every month and do an overhaul- we are in trouble. I wanted to see what we had and what we still needed to buy. I love buying school supplies but right now we do not have the extra space or money to hoard them. They did a good job hunting down rulers and calculators and things like that.

Well, tomorrow is my birthday 33 years old which might just be another reason why I feel so cranky today. We will be celebrating at a later date because of my husband's work schedule, but I have already received a very special gift from my mother-in-law (I will post a picture later, I am recharging my camera batteries today). My mom is sending me a special birthday box and my children are coming up with little presents on their own. So far I have gotten a picture of Daniel's feet and hands in green traced on notebook paper and Tera is always working on something. I will post pictures of my treasures later this week.

Check back tomorrow for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays. I will post Mrs. Eby's Chicken Enchilada recipe. It's delicious.


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