Thursday, July 19, 2007

Manic Blogging

I feel very manic when it comes to blogging-what I mean by that is sometimes I don't have anything to say and other times like today-I might blog 3 or 4 posts. Very manic.

JP has been off of work this week so we have been doing things that can only be done during the day- (Daniel's immunization for school - 3 shots; Registering the kids for homeschooling with the school system, Getting library cards, Taking the dog for a bath at the kennel, and the various other major jobs around the house- replacing a ceiling fan, replacing a leaky faucet, weeding and putting mulch down on the front flower beds, etc.) It doesn't sound much like a week off.

We celebrated my birthday a week late on Tuesday. I am really into Americana puzzles so Tera gave me one and JP got me a puzzle mat that lets you roll your puzzle up and move it around. Daniel gave me a silicone muffin pan that will fit in our small oven. JP also got me some cool new kitchen gadgets- a sifter (I have always wanted one), a frosting spatula and a new cheese grater and saute pan. Before you give him a hard time, I really wanted and asked for all these items. He also got me the new Natalie Grant CD. I received some really nice cards from my family, which included very generous monetary gifts which I'm saving for something (don't know what). It was an awesome birthday!


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