Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quotes from Tera

We made cookies last week and I used it as a time to teach an object lesson on life. How there are "good ingredients" and "bad ingredients" that are mixed together to create God's desired outcome for our lives. Later we were in the car and I asked Tera to explain to JP in her words what we learned making cookies. Here was her profound thought:

"God takes the good stuff and the bad stuff and mixes it together to make something great"

How awesome is that!

On a lighter note, at breakfast this morning she said (while wearing a striped shirt):

"If I eat another bite, I'll pop a stripe right off my shirt." "Pop- there goes one; Pop- there goes another."

If you want to add meaning and laughter to your life- have some kids and then wait until they can talk-you'll laugh and cry-(sometimes both at the same time) for the rest of your life.


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