Friday, September 19, 2008

The Blessings of A Good Friend

Check out my playlist and click on Running Just to Catch Myself by Mark Schultz. This song reminds me of my friend, Kathy. Not because she is always on the go (even though she is and I have never figured out how she does it all), but because we were able to be apart of Mark Schultz's live DVD recording at a concert. She got us second row left side tickets. You cannot get much closer to the stage. That was one of the funnest evenings I think I ever had. My husband got enough of concerts when he was a teenager going to rock concerts, so he never liked to go to concerts (and still doesn't). Kathy loved it and when she asked me a few years ago to go, I jumped at the chance. Here is the funniest part about that night. There were two live shows. We went to the first one and as we were leaving, we saw some friends in line, Jacqueline, Barbara and Luke. We stopped to talk and found out they had two extra tickets they couldn't get rid of. Kathy is always up for spontaneous fun. This time I surprised myself and we almost snatched those tickets and got in line again. I called JP on the cell phone and said I will be very late tonight- like after midnight. He was cool because the kids were little and already in bed. This meant a free evening for him as well. The second concert was just as good as the first although the seats further back, it was awesome. We both bought the DVD and I still watch it occasionally. I can pick us out one or two times. I have had some really great friends through the years but that song made me think of Kathy. For that one evening, I had one responsibility-to have fun. That is usually how it is around Kathy. Love ya, Kathy and thanks for being a good friend.


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