Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Closure is such a good thing!

We finally closed on our house yesterday. We were very stressed, but God worked everything out. We met the seller for the first time. He had to pick up some things at the house after the closing, so we had a chance to talk to him briefly. The house belonged to his elderly parents. He said he was glad that another family was moving in, because that house had been filled with kids throughout the last 50 years. His mother was 1 of 9 and his grandparents owned the house before. There were 35 grandkids and that was the family get together spot.
We still love the house and have no buyer's remorse. After we left the closing, we told the kids we were going over to the house. Daniel thought we were going for good. He said "did we bring Saddle and Orangey?" (his two favorite stuffed animals). He almost cried when we told him we weren't moving in that day, just looking around. It didn't matter that all of our other things were still at our present house. He is so antsy, he cannot wait until Saturday. This is a big house-2280 square feet. The biggest fun right now- is scaring people. JP hides around a corner and jumps out and you hear loud screams, then "Daddy!" Daniel actually was quiet enough today to sneak up on Tera and scare her. You could hear him clapping his hands and saying "I got Tera...I got Tera" Life is definitely going to be a lot more interesting.


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