Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekly Update

We didn't close on our house this week. We have been waiting on papers from the seller (who lives out of state) for over a week now-that is the mortgage broker has been. She finally got tired of waiting after sending it to him twice and sent a mobile notary to his house. We find out tomorrow if she got the papers and if so we close on Monday. It has been stressful. This is the sixth time our closing date has been changed. But we have given it to God and are praying for his strength as we pack this weekend and move all next week and next weekend.
Our doctor's appointment went good today. Baby's heartbeat good and it even kicked the doctor's doppler as he was listening. JP and the kids went back with me today for the first time. On October 3rd, we go for our ultrasound to find out if there are any problems and if it is a boy or girl. Daniel and Tera both want a girl. Tera asked me today what I wanted- I said "Healthy".
We got a five day week in this week and I have to say it was rough. Both of the kids have struggled with allergies or a mild cold this entire week. Daniel gets very cranky when he has a stuffy nose so he has been a treat this week. I would go into all we did but like I said it has been a long week. We will be packing all weekend and resting as we need it. Until next week.


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