Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Great Egg Drop

The assignment: Drop an egg from the two story window without breaking it.
The recycling bin is the first stop.
Using some padding in the egg carton "armor"
Extra "armor" from an old drink carrier.Cushioning with felt and paper
Our protected egg with "armor", a "seatbelt" using yarn to keep it in place
and cushion inside it's shoebox.

Heaving the egg from the upstairs window.

Our egg survived the two story drop

The egg surviving again

The fifth and final drop-without it's "seatbelt".
We changed our variables one at a time until all the egg had left was it's armor, apparently that wasn't enough.

This is our unit week. I did not feel as confident about this one because I changed our History to cover Explorers. I could not find very many activities for this unit without purchasing, so we are reading a lot about the different explorers and we are doing a lapbook (hopefully).

For science we are studying birds. Yesterday we only had time for an introduction into our subjects because of Monday Fun. Today we did some great bird experiments. We talked a lot about eggs and did 4 or 5 experiments. The great egg drop was their favorite by far.


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