Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey, Hey She's 9

Picnic at the Museum
Michael wadin' in the water!

Granny and her little birdies in the loft

Ridin' the rails

Down on the Farm
(I love this picture- they look so serious)

Tera is happy she got her requested Lego set!

Tera turned 9 on Oct. 2. She is truly a joy and wonderful daughter. Tera loves people so when she heard Granny was coming for her birthday she was so excited. We didn't tell her that her 4 yr. old cousin Nate was coming as a surprise. They all had a great time together. We had a great weekend together. We took all the kids to the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge, they all had a blast. She requested Lion Cupcakes which are pictured at the top.


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