Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unit Week- Plants and Transcontinental Railroad

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Unit Week-

The first day Tera had 4 teeth extracted so we went to the library and checked out some educational videos for them to watch on Monday. Tuesday she was feeling much better so we officially started our unit.

Watched The Private Life of Plants Time Life Video about Seed Dispersal
Read Railroad Fever and Parts of The Diary of Libby West (a girl whose newspaperman father followed the Transcontinental Railroad)
You are What You Eat Collages- Roots, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds- We looked through our seed catalogs and found pictures to match each category
Planted Carrots, Radishes and Lettuce in our garden
Talked about Wind Dispersal and the different kinds of seed types.
Read Magic School Bus Plants a Seed

Celery Xylem experiment and Chlorophyll experiment- cover green leaves in alcohol and check back at 1 hour, 3 hour, and overnight- the alcohol will absorb the chlorophyll and turn the leaves brown
Made a chart of dicot vs. monocot flowers. Dicots have leaves in multiples of 4 and 5 vs. Monocots which leaves are in mulitples of 3.
Bark Print Rubbings
Scooped up dead leaves and soil to look for living things.- didn't find much.
Played Ten Mile Day File Folder Game on the Trancontinental Railroad
Read How Flowers Grow- selections from Riding the Rails and The Diary of Libby West
Classified a basket of objects into two categories-from plants, not from plants.
Play the Phonic Games

Did a lesson in our Science book on outgoing materials of plants
Read selections from Riding the Rails and The Diary of Libby West
Read Food from the Sun
Made a model of a plant
Drew a diagram of a plant and labelled it
Did a lesson from US Mint Utah- covering the Transcontinental Road/Cause and Effect/Measurement.
We'll be finishing up tomorrow if I can survive my children losing their minds over Easter.


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