Monday, April 12, 2010

Worry Book

I have a confession....I'm a worrier. I get worked up about things and I worry. I know as a Christian that God is taking care of me and my needs- all my needs, but something in my brain still worries sometimes. This is a character flaw that I am continually working on. My mom always says my daughter is the "spittin' image of me". Guess what, she is a worrier, too. Always concerned over doing the right thing, others doing the right thing, is this dangerous-will they be hurt...etc. I don't want her to continue in these patterns of worry so I made her a Worry Book. A journal of sorts to write down her thoughts and concerns to help her refocus and retrain her thinking from worry to trust in the God who loves her and cares for every detail of her life.

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I found a composition notebook on a shelf somewhere. Then I printed verses from the internet about worry to go in the front and back covers. For the outside I printed up Scriptures in bubble fonts so she could color them in and personalize the front and back. Scrapbook paper, glue and scissors and less than 30 minutes later- there you go- Tera's Worry Book. We talked about how she could write her worries down and then write a Scripture or a prayer to remind her not to worry. She was already coloring it in this afternoon. I confessed to her that I was a worrier and she suggested I make myself a Worry Book. I might just do that.


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